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Our CEO Jason Reddish on Pix 11 discussing the Impeachment Impact on Wall Street with Marvin Scott!

News Closeup: Lindsey Boylan tries to unseat Jerrold Nadler; impeachment impact on Wall Street

Lindsey Boylan is one of several democrats mounting a campaign to defeat veteran Congressman Jerrold Nadler in 2020. If she is successful, Boylan would become the first woman in 50 years to represent the 10th Congressional District in New York. We hear from Boylan on the issues and why she believes voters should choose her at the polls next year.

Trends for Small Business in 2018 (Infographic)

A new Microsoft Stores and SurveyMonkey survey of 1,300 U.S.-based small businesses predicts 90% of small businesses will hire one or two employees next year. The survey also asked small businesses if they were concerned about cybersecurity threats. 25% said they haven’t done much of anything to mitigate their cybersecurity risk and 50% said they weren’t “concerned about a data breach.”

The fact is, many small businesses continue to struggle since the collapse of the real estate market led to a global financial meltdown. While the economy and jobs reports are mostly positive, there are still many small businesses struggling with capital intensive projects and they’re unsure of how to take the next step to grow or sustain their businesses.

At Total Merchant Resources, we can fund your small business expansion with working capital for hiring that new employee or taking steps to protect your small businesses number one asset: data. If you’re not taking data security seriously, we strongly urge you to reconsider, because every small busienss is at risk.

Need capital to shore up these areas? Apply today and get an answer in in 24-48 hours for working capital to find your small business growth and expansion in 2018. We can help. All you have to do is contact us today, fill out our quick app, and one of our funding representatives will call you directly to complete your application and get you approved (as long as your meet the eligibility requirements).


Microsoft Store Small Business Infographic
Photo of stack of $100 Blls

You got funded! 5 things to do first with your merchant cash advance

Congratulations! You just got funded with a merchant cash advance. Now it's time to put that cash to work for your small business. Having cash in hand will certainly help make structural changes, win new customers, and grow your small business. That's why it's so important to stick with your business plan. To apply the cash you now have in hand to the project you needed it for in the first place.

Here are 5 things you can do today.

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Trump the IRS! Get funding to pay your tax bill and benefit from these Small Business Tax Tips

It’s tax time! And you need to TRUMP the IRS (pun intended)! With April 15th just around the corner, Total Merchant Resources are here to provide our small business clients and partners with insight and support when you need it the most for your 2016 tax planning. When you grow, we grow!

If you’re planning on a 2016 tax payment after submitting your tax returns this tax season to the IRS, now’s the time to consult with us and apply for capital, should you owe the government.

We can provide funding from $5K to $500K with fast approval in 24-48 hours. You’ll need to qualify – just be in business 3 months with $100K in total revenue.

Remember, you can call us direct TODAY and speak to a funding representative who can assist you with your application. We’ll have an answer for you in 24-48 hours.

Get Approved Now! +1 (855) 275-8678

Or, you can apply right here on our website.

Here are 5 recent articles that will help you plan this tax season to reduce your tax exposure. If you haven’t started planning to submit your tax returns, then make it a priority today!

  1. CNBC: Last Minute Tax-Tips for Entrepreneurs in 2016
  2. Accounting Web: Tax Tips for Real Estate Professional Clients
  3. Kiplingers: Last Minute Tax Tips to Lower Your Tax Bill
  4. CBS Money Watch: Self-Employed Tax Deductions
  5. Entrepreneur: Tips to Ease Small Business Tax Season Stress
Video screenshot of Martin Mucci, CEO Paychex, CNBC Interview

5 Articles On How This Election Affects Small Business

At Total Merchant Resources, when you grow, we grow. We love providing insight, information, and resources to help you with your small business. One of the key factors we believe drives small business growth is the free sharing of information; knowledge is the best asset we have to make decisions about how to grow our small businesses.

These five articles provide information about how your small business may be affected by the 2016 Presidential Election and its outcome.

1. What President Trump’s Agenda Means for Small Business Owners (FORBES)

2. Small Business Owners Can Expect Policy Changes Under Trump (Chicago Tribune).

3. How a Trump President will Affect Small Business (Black Enterprise)

4. Small Businesses Can Expect Policy Changes Under Trump (ABC News)

5. Trump and Small Business (VIDEO – CNBC/Yahoo Business)

If you’re a small business seeking funding for any reason, you can apply today for working capital between $5k and $500k for improvements and repairs, short-term payroll needs, or any other reason.To qualify, your small business should be in business over 3-months and have over $100k in revenue.

Note: From time to time, Total Merchant Resources posts information and resources to this blog for #smallbusiness owners. We do not take any position for or against the content of these articles.

Total Merchant Resources receives California Lending License

We are excited to announce we have received our California Lending License to capitalize on providing businesses with working capital in the Nation’s most populous state. This new designation allows TMR to quickly and easily extend money to small and medium sized business throughout the Golden State.

“With more regulation and licensing requirements in the future we are delighted to be ahead of the curve. We are thrilled to have access to this very important market. In addition, TMR is now perfectly positioned to do business in California as we await the imminent and necessary regulation of the industry,” said TMR Co-Founder and CEO Jason Reddish.

Reddish and co-founder and CFO, Val Pinkhasov, were recently featured on CNBC’s ‘Shark Tank’, were among the very first business lenders to enter this space. They are a respected name in the industry and thanks to their major prime time TV appearance, have brought attention to this underutilized model for businesses to obtain working capital.

For more information on Total Merchant Resources Business Financial Solutions providing access to capital to small and medium sized business, please contact Gary Lane, Director of Business Development at (212) 220-9872.

TMR CEO, Jason Reddish, interviewed by Stark Group on News Talk Radio, 1490 WERE Cleveland OH

Total Merchant Resources CEO, Jason Reddish, was interviewed by real estate investor, Brian Stark of the Stark Group, on WERE News Talk Radio 1490-AM in Cleveland, OH. Listen to the interview and hear Jason talk about lending to and funding small business, TMR’s appearance on Shark Tank, and Brian taps into Jason’s mortgage industry experience to offer real estate funding suggestions to the show’s listeners.

Jason talks alternative lending for real estate investors who are rehabbing houses and flipping them. While TMR funds small businesses, these types loans are better handled by small banks in local markets.

I don’t want to be a technology company, I want to be the old school relationship business when you went in on a Saturday and you said, this is what I did with my business. And the deals made on the golf course…you shake hands.

Brian Stark asked Jason, the following questions:

What are three things business can do in the next 90 days to make their business more attractive to a lender like Total Merchant Resources.

Jason’s reply:

  • Be in business for 3 months.
  • Make sure you’re depositing at least $10,000 a month.
  • Keep current with your landlord. We do a landlord verification. If there is risk the business will lose their lease, it’s a concern.

Jason also reminded listeners, with Total Merchant Resources, there are no monthly payments. He said, “The way we get repaid…is we take a percentage of the business deposits. We score that business based on repayment or the time of repayment.”

“We have prepayment incentives. If you pay us back sooner, we’ll give you a cheaper payoff,” Jason said. He continues, “We look at your deposits and your cash flow. The most important thing, we don’t want to put your out of business to get paid back.”

Brian asked, what are three things business can do to grow their deposits in the next 90 days.

  • When you’re building your business, you have to make a living. But you also have to reinvest into your own business with your capital. You have to prioritize your business first.
  • You have to go with the times. If you don’t change with change, you’re going to get changed inevitably. You have to get savvy with computers. You have to learn the Internet. And, you have to watch your expenses. I’ve seen businesses go under, because the business hired someone who blew out their marketing budget. You have to get savvy online to market your business.
  • Call Total Merchant Resources at (855)-ASK-TMRE to get funding to grow your business.

Are you a small business owner seeking funding for your small business? Contact us today and one of our account managers will work with you to assess your business and get you funded in 24-48 hours.

TMR CEO Jason Reddish interview on how to manage lottery winnings with WCTC’s Bert Baron

Total Merchant Resources CEO, Jason Reddish, appeared on the Bert Baron show, 1450 Talk Radio WCTC. the topic: How To Manage Your Lottery Winnings.

This year, we saw the Powerball Jackpot hit over $1Billion. Jason talks about how taxes impact your winnings and what team (lawyer, accountant, and estate planner) you will need to make sure you have a plan to collect your winnings. Jason says you don’t have to run down and cash in the ticket right away. You have to organize your team first, so that you have a plan for the wealth you’ve now come into.

Jason recommends having a diversified plan with a focus on giving to charities to limit tax liability, like putting the money in tax-free municipal bonds, because – as he says, “equities, right now…they’re hurting.”

Bert Baron was kind enough to ask Jason about how Total Merchant Resources helps small business with financing for repairs, expansion, or other reasons that small businesses need financing, but cannot get from a traditional bank. And, Jason and Bert talked about how Total Merchant Resources appearance on Shark Tank put the concept of merchant cash advance “on the map.”

Of course, you can learn more about our Business Financial Solutions and apply for funding today!