Total Merchant Resources CEO, Jason Reddish, Jet Line Products Presentation

Written by Tony Zeoli

On March 7, 2016
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On March 2nd and 3rd, Total Merchant Resources attended the Jet Line Products conference at the Renaissance Hotel in Woodbridge, NJ. Jet Line Products is a family owned and operated full-line wholesale distributor of swimming pool supplies and equipment, whose clients include swimming pool builders, pool service businesses, and retail stores.

Total Merchant Resources CEO, Jason Reddish, along with Jet Line Products, Roy Suter, gave this talk to attendees about how Total Merchant Resources merchant cash advance product provides seasonal businesses in the swimming pool industry with cash to support their business during seasonal breaks in business.

With Total Merchant Resources, companies operating seasonal businesses can apply for a merchant cash advance to support businesses affected by a declines in installation and service requests during cold winter months. Other swimming pool service industry companies turn to Total Merchant Resources to help them fund large, upfront purchases of materials for large pool installations and renovations.


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