Equipment Leasing

We are Jason Reddish and Val Pinkhasov of Total Merchant Resources. You might have seen us on Shark Tank! Thanks for watching our introductory video above. Read on to learn about how we can fund your small business with working capital as a merchant cash advance for any reason.

Our clients come to us to help them grow and expand their businesses. As a funding source, we provide capital for repairs, short term payroll needs, expansion, inventory, or any other reason.

Just read the information on this page, then call us by clicking the big orange button below, or simply your prequalification application using the form on this page. We’ll contact you to discuss qualification requirements and terms, then work with you to get a funding answer in 24-48 hours.

What are the Equipment Leasing Credit Guidelines?

General Guidelines

  • Application only up to $150K; up to $250K for stronger verticals and credit profiles; upon Credit Officer’s discretion.
  • Comparable credit >= 50% of request.
  • Lack of Comparable Credit or other perceived profile weaknesses mitigated with Bank Statements to $100K, Tax Returns or CPA prepared Audited/Reviewed Financial Statements to $150K.
  • Personal Guarantees are required for all business <10 years Time in Business or <25 employees or upon Credit Officer’s discretion.
  • Bankruptcies, both on personal and entity must be greater than 7 years since occurrence.
  • All deemed significant Suits, Liens and Judgments must be mitigated.
  • Startups considered; < 1 year Time in Business $25,000; < 2 years Time in Business $35,000.
  • Personal Guarantees are required with a FICO score >700 .
  • 30% Soft Cost Maximum.

General Transportation Guidelines

Class 8 OTR / Interstate

  • 5+ Years Time in Business / +5+ Trucks Registered with the DOT • Must have own Authority under Borrower name, cannot be leased with another company.
  • Residential based entities must present CDL on owner and provide a commercial garaging location
  • FICO scores of 690+, 5+ open tradelines, 8+ total tradelines and 5+ years trade depth established.

Light Duty and Medium Duty

  • FICO 640+ considered

Used Equipment Guidelines

  • <10 years old. May consider older equipment if there is evidence of satisfactory condition useful life and current fair market value.