How does a Merchant Cash Advance work?


Limitless Possibilities

Your business agrees to sell a fixed dollar amount of its future credit and debit card sales at a discount. Once approved, your business will receive a lump sum of working capital as the purchase price. Use this working capital to expand your business, open another location, catch up on payroll, pay back taxes, etc. The possibilities are limitless. The entire merchant cash advance process (from approval to funding), is the quickest and the easiest solution for any business owner.


No Personal Liabilities

There are no checks to write and no possible late fees. There are also no personal liabilities for the money. It’s strictly against the business. This is the only solution in today’s economy that is unsecured, with no liens, judgments, or personal guarantees. The only collateral is the future credit card sales of your business. Your business operates as it always does. Through an automated process, when you “batch” your credit and debit card sales, the processor automatically forwards TMR the agreed-upon percentage of receipts.


Performance Of Your Business

The percentage retrieved from the business’ daily credit and debit card sales remains fixed. This means that, on a busy day where credit/debit card sales are up, the retrieved amount is a little higher, but on days when credit/debit card sales are slow, the retrieved amount will go down proportionately. The percentage holdback doesn’t change which is why this flows with the direct performance of your business.


It’s Easy To Qualify For A Merchant Cash Advance

Fill out the simple one page application provided in the application part of the this website or call the toll free number and one of our agents will email or fax you one immediately.

  • Provide 4 months of bank statements.
  • Provide 4 months recent merchant statements.

There’s a program available for almost every applicant. If you have been trying to get some working capital for your business and are having a difficult time, you should still be able to get an approval through us. Our approval rates are 95%.

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what our clients say...

Daniel colon

"My guy Alex came through in a tight situation and basically saved my company. He did what no one else could and got me funded. I was able to pay my crews before I was paid. Kept my crews working on. "

Daniel colon, Florida

Rodrigo DeOliveira

"When it comes to small Buisness lending , there’s guys are the real deal. Would not have make it through 2022 without them! "

Rodrigo DeOliveira, Buisness Owner

Dakota Britton

"I have been using TMR for about a year now. They have helped tremendously with funds to help grow and expand my business. Alex has been always there to answer any questions as well as help with growing my business. Would recommend to anyone who asks"

Dakota Britton, Owner of D.J.B Roofing & Siding

Calvin Krech

"Jason and the whole company are amazing. Not just at what they do but as people. Though I did not get funding with them, they guided me to a better solution for myself and my business. I’m young in years and business experience. Thinking the best thing to do was get a loan, they taught me alternatives that were much more beneficial for me at my current stage. I will be coming back in the future! "

Calvin Krech, Client


"What they say, they do. We were looking for funding, but as a new business, most banks that “prequalified” us turned us down. Not TMR, they give you a chance. "

Jeremy, Owner

William C

"TMR is a good company and will take care of your loan needs. I had a great experience working with Alex, each time I had a question he delivered a great answer, I had plenty of questions and was really hesitant. Once we dialed in all the numbers I pulled the triggered and got funds within a matter of minutes. I will definitely use them in the future. Thank you TMR! "

William C, Plumbing

Ryan Zeber

"Working with Alex was a great, experience, and he was completely honest and informative. His knowledge of the business and work ethic was the main reason my deal funded.. Im looking foreword to many more deals.."

Ryan Zeber, CEO


"Best company by far if you want extend your business and you need help!! Costumer service is one of da best I ever deal with. If Alex is your guy don’t worry about anything he will help you!! I would recommend this company to anyone who i know then need extra money!!! Thank you Alex you are DA MAN !! Thank you TMR looking forward to long term business 💪 "

Markus, Owner of DA BAR

Dakota Britton

"Alex has always been helpful with me when ever I had any questions about things. I am happy I have found TMR to help fund my business!"

Dakota Britton, Owner of D.J.B Roofing & Sidingg

Dennis Rumardo

"Service was outstanding. Very explainable every detailed. Will definitely recommend! Thank You James Boozer!"

Dennis Rumardo, Borrower

Andrew Blume

"Val and his team @ Total Merchant Resources have been a life line for my business. Personable, friendly and reliable. Don’t know where I would be without their services. Looking forward to our continued business."

Andrew Blume, OWNER AT Two Men and an Appetite

Dawn Lepkowski

"Total Merchant Resources is always very helpful and an amazing person to work with. I have been doing business with your company for 3 years and wouldn't want anyone else to handle my account. He makes you feel very comfortable in the process of getting the loan and is extremely knowledgeable in the loan process."

Dawn Lepkowski, OWNER AT Belmont Cafe

Ernest J. Reilly

"Total Merchant Resources and Val Pinkhasov has been a big part of T.E.E.M.’s growth. Mr. Pinkhasov has been easy to work with and most importantly he provide one thing the rest of the Industry doesn’t, he provides integrity, truthfulness and a personal touch. It’s been a pleasure working with Mr. Pinkhasov, over the last 5 years."

Ernest J. Reilly, Founder/CEO AT TEEM Academy

Barbara Lewis

"We all have a cash flow problem at one time or another and if you are having the problem, TMR is your solution. The process is painless and fast. Val and his staff are knowledgeable, courteous and efficient. Call Val today."

Barbara Lewis, OWNER AT Lewis Janitorial Supply

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