A new Microsoft Stores and SurveyMonkey survey of 1,300 U.S.-based small businesses predicts 90% of small businesses will hire one or two employees next year. The survey also asked small businesses if they were concerned about cybersecurity threats. 25% said they haven’t done much of anything to mitigate their cybersecurity risk and 50% said they weren’t “concerned about a data breach.”

The fact is, many small businesses continue to struggle since the collapse of the real estate market led to a global financial meltdown. While the economy and jobs reports are mostly positive, there are still many small businesses struggling with capital intensive projects and they’re unsure of how to take the next step to grow or sustain their businesses.

At Total Merchant Resources, we can fund your small business expansion with working capital for hiring that new employee or taking steps to protect your small businesses number one asset: data. If you’re not taking data security seriously, we strongly urge you to reconsider, because every small busienss is at risk.

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