Why You Should Choose Total Merchant Resources vs. a Bank Loan

It takes money to make money. Small businesses often need funds to expand their operations or promote their current status. While they have the option of going to a bank and asking for a loan, the entire process is time-consuming and hectic. You may need to wait for a long time to get your approvals, and all the time spent waiting can significantly affect your business. Fortunately, Total Merchant Resources gives you an easier, quicker option with merchant business loans to help you achieve your dreams.

Here are some reasons why you should choose Total Merchant Resources over bank loans for your small business cash advance.

Reason #1- Cash Flow Compatibility: Traditional money financing options, such as banks, might ask you for hefty regular repayments in advance. However, Total Merchant Resources does not require any large monthly payments. Instead, they receive an ACH or a percentage of your credit card sales. The advance payment of the due monthly amount is repaid as your business grows and earns.

Reason #2- Reasonable Credit Standards: Most financing products designed by banks are created for the general public and may not match your specific requirements as a business owner. On the other hand, purchasing merchant loans from Total Merchant Resources will fulfill all your terms and requirements according to your business needs, as they are specifically curated for entrepreneurs. 

Reason #3- Less Documentation: The usual loan process of any bank involves a ton of documentation for proof of income and credit checks. However, the procedure is pretty simple with Total Merchant Resources. All you need to do is fill in the online application form available on their website and wait to get approval. Thereafter, the funds are simply transferred into your small business account!

Reason #4- Fast Approval: Getting approvals from traditional money lending institutions like banks can take a long time. However, you get quick approvals at Total Merchant Resources, usually within twenty-four hours. You can also expect the funds to be transferred into your account within two to three business days.

Reason #5- Hassle-Free Repayment Process: A bank may remind you repeatedly about your due date for repayments. Such a thing only causes more stress, especially if the business is not going so well. But with Total Merchant Resources, you don’t have to worry about obsessively checking due dates. The advances will be paid back by ACH. You can also repay your business loans through credit card sales.

Reason #6- Dependable Customer Service: The biggest benefit of working with Total Merchant Resources is that you will get a dedicated, highly-trained, and experienced account manager for your merchant leasing.

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Are you looking for business loans on credit card sales? Total Merchant Resources has reinvented small business financing by offering reasonable credit standards, minimal documentation requirements, and fast approval. Total Merchant Resources financing empowers you, the small business owner, so that you never again have to let small capital needs stand in the way of big business opportunities. Our products include small business loans, lines of credit, equipment leasing, fix and flip programs, and web services. Call us at +1 (732) 671-5710, email us, or visit our website for more information about our services.